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Bethany & Arrow

"Olivia was a wonderful pup trainer! She had worked with myself and my dog, Arrow, on reactivity, loose leash walking, and basic manners. I value the positive training techniques used, and Olivia does a wonderful job educating me on the behavior and learning patterns of dogs! She has helped me gain such a better understanding of Arrow’s behavior!"


In-Home Privates

A trainer meets you at your home and works with you and your dog. This is a great option for both puppies and adults who need help with basic manners, behavior modification, enrichment, and/or management.


Day Training

A trainer works with your dog independently in your home. This is great for busier people. On the last session, the trainer will show you everything you need to know to continue the training.


Puppy Socializer

Puppies need to be socialized to help them become confident adults. We understand this is hard for busy folks to do, so we help take the hassle out of it! We take the dogs out, giving them fun, positive experiences.

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