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Puppy Privates
Socialization, potty training, nipping, chewing, management, +more!


  • (1) 90 minute session & (3) 60 minute sessions

  • Email support between lessons

  • Suitable for puppies 8 weeks - 5 months old

  • Often paired with Basic Good Manners Privates

  • Cost: $500

Basic Good Manners Privates
Jumping, Leash Walking, Drop-it, Stay, +More


  • (4) or (8) sessions. First session is 90 minutes, all following sessions are 60 minutes.

  • Email support between lessons

  • Suitable for dogs 5 months +

  • Cover foundational skills and begin working on distance, duration, and distractions to strengthen skills

  • Cost: $500 - $800

Behavior Modification Privates
For fearful, anxious, and aggressive dogs* 


  • The number of sessions will vary

  • Email support between lessons

  • Suitable for all ages

  • *We do not work with separation anxiety, severe aggression cases may be referred out

Day Training
Are you super busy? Let us do some of the work for you!


  • 45 minute sessions in your home 2-3 times a week

  • Customizable - Choose what you want us to work on

  • Videos, photos, and tutorials updated after each lesson

  • Trainer comes to your home and works independently with the dog. The owner is present for the first and last session to go over and transfer knowledge and skills needed to continue training.

  • Can also be integrated into other packages

  • Cost: $1,200 for 12 sessions OR $3,000 for 30 sessions

Puppy Socializer
We take the dog on outings and work on behaviors in parks and pet-safe stores.

  • 30-minute outings (not including travel time)

  • Videos & notes provided after outing

  • Ideal for all ages, especially puppies 8-15 weeks

    • Puppies go through a critical socialization period from ~3-15 weeks. During this time, puppies should be exposed to a large variety of environments, people, animals, etc. to help them become confident adults. Puppies who are not socialized during this time are more likely to be fearful and/or aggressive adults.​

  • Cost: $50 per outting

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