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Here is a list of some of the dog treats I continue to repurchase. Of course, this is only a few and there are TONS of great training treats out there.

When I am looking for things to purchase, I look for things that are soft, squishy, stinky, has limited ingredients, and is primarily meat or cheese based. These criteria often lead to a higher value treat, while hard, biscuit type treats are lower.

Nudges Natural Dog Treats

These can be found at most grocery stores (Wegmans, Target, Harris Teeter, etc.)

Real Meat Air Dried Dog Food

These are marketed as dog food, but I often use them as treats. They come in many flavors and have a short ingredient list.

Buddy Softies

Buddy Softies come in several flavors and are super easy to break apart. They can also be found in many places (online and in-store).

Pure Bites Freeze Dried Meats

There are many brands of freeze dried treats. The great thing about them is they are only one ingredient and are usually easy to break apart.

Full Moon

This brand has a great line of treats. They are almost all soft and stinky. I usually find them at Target, but they are also found online.


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